A natural retreat setting to learn about Wellness practices, network, enjoy a gourmet lunch, shop for the latest products and relax in the company of inspirational women.

Wear your yoga pants and stretch your mind, body, and soul


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Located at Riverside Retreat, near Creemore, Ontario (approx. 90 mins north of Toronto)

Wellness Expo Overview

Holistic wellness is a major concern for women who want to maintain their health and vitality. The concept of wellness signifies a sense of self responsibility in healthcare. Many women are embracing new practices outside the traditional system of medicine to become their healthiest self – emotionally, physically, and mentally. Our unique expo will provide a beautiful natural setting to learn about new wellness skills.

Check registration page for times. Please note that each activity has a maximum number of participants – register early to ensure you get your first choices of activities.


  • Retreat "vacation" format with varying wellness activities
  • Activities include all day yoga, fitness for all levels, guided meditation and fireside chats with leading experts in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Mental Health, Mindfulness, The Power of Crystals, My Plant Based Life, Developing Personal Resilience and more!
  • Gourmet meals and snacks that are healthy served in front of the spring-fed pond
  • Riverside Retreat is the best of what nature has to offer: surround yourself with forward thinking woman, the sounds of the Noisy River and the Niagara Escarpment Forest

The day also offers free time to

  • Group Yoga Stretch – every hour
  • Refreshment breaks
  • Exhibitor shopping
  • Enjoying nature and networking

Enjoy a day of wellness activities including:

  • All day yoga sessions
  • Fitness for all levels, and
  • Fireside chats with leading experts in Aromatherapy, Mental Health, Mindful Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing, The Power of Crystals, Vegan Lifestyle and more

Activities for the Mind

Creating a Mental Wellbeing Story

Support emotional and mental wellbeing by creating a resilience story using five easy-to-draw symbols that have universal meanings

Mandi Buckner

Mandi Buckner is a Return to Work, Workplace and Peer Consultant specializing in the field of Mental Health. To improve workplace mental health literacy, Mandi developed Toward Recovery, a 5-stage framework that helps employees navigate their return to work processes and maintain their wellbeing while at work.

Mandi’s education includes a Masters in Healing Arts, and certifications in Adult Education, Career Consulting, Psychological Health & Safety, and as a Mental Health Peer Specialist.


The Power Of Gratitude to Manifest Your Dreams

Different techniques on The Power Of Gratitude will be explored. Learn how our vibration changes when being grateful and how to attrack our inner desires with gratefulness.

Daxa Chauhan

Daxa is extremely passionate and experienced in her work and has healed many clients through Reiki/Intuitive Healing, Hypnosis and Mindfulness Coaching. Daxa’s goal is to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual peace to your everyday life so you can live your life to the fullest. She has been a guest speaker at Wellness shows, McMaster University, Corporate events, Hospital conferences and appeared on TV and Radio Shows. The Power Of Healing also has health and wellness products in Wholefoods, various Health and Wellness Stores and Yoga Studios.


Find your Teacher within - with iRest Mediation

A guided meditation brings your attention to each of the seven stages, beginning with the physical and exploring each individually while assimilating the effects of the previous one. This exploration teaches how to be in the moment and asks that we try not to change anything we encounter


Lanee worked in the corporate world as a banker and then in small business as a managing partner of an appraisal/brokerage firm for the health-care professions. At the end of the work day, she found herself taking ‘power naps’, to refresh and re-energize for evening activities. Years later she realized this was preparation for her next career as a student & teacher of Yoga and now she is an inquisitive participant of the Mystery. Lanee has completed many related certification courses - Yoga Teacher training, Yoga Therapy, Pilates, IMT (Integrated Movement Therapy), Nia (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) & Inner Workout coaching


Discover Intuition using your 3 brains

Sense into your own intuition and meet your Wise Woman. Find out what your three brains have to do with you and how they can hinder or facilitate your success.

Leanne Babcock Speaker / Coach / Intuitive

Author of “Open Me: The true story of a magical journey from fear to freedom.”

Leanne has trained in different streams of psychology including transactional analysis, neuro-science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ontological coaching, and shamanic and intuitive studies. She is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Professional Master mBIT Coach (multiple brain integration therapies), certified in hypnotherapy and a Master Trainer in the Babcock Coaching Methodology.


Strengthening Personal Resilience

Learn how Resilient people are better at coping, bouncing back, absorbing, adjusting and maintaining

Terri Duguay

Terri possesses over 20 years experience as an Organizational Development professional, spanning industries from financial services, retail, not for profit, to professional services. She has had a distinguished career as a keynote speaker and consultant and her passion is in helping individuals and organizations to increase their collective well being through strengthening resilience.


Mindful Meditation

Interactive and engaging, this session will help you get off the merry-go-round in your mind and start living true personal freedom. Part discussion, part practice, part Soul Leaping this session is an experience in connecting mind, body and soul.

Josie Smith

Josie Smith is a Personal Freedom and Success Coach, a sole proprietor and a practicing Yoga Acharya. Josie created Soul Leap in 2004 to answer the call of her own soul to engage people in a bigger conversation. With a sincere curiosity and a compassionate presence her work in the world weaves a tapestry of knowledge, wisdom and insight to help you WAKE UP from autopilot and get off the merry-go-round in your mind. She is known for coaching her clients to state of being she calls: Personal Freedom.


Activities for the Body

Awaken Your Inner Superhero Fitness Style

Learn how to modify your fitness routine through various intensity levels and how to gain strength from the mind-body-spirit connection

Erica Humphreys

Erica is an Award-Winning Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Published Author of "I Am My Own Superhero", and Television Host of The Recovery Road on Rogers TV. With over 10 years experience in the fitness and health industry, Erica draws upon her 10 professional certifications specializing in wellness and wellness work with thousands of individuals.

Erica’s Fitness Movement mission is to create healthy bodies and healthy minds through her movement of fitness for mental fitness. Currently, Erica offers motivational fitness classes for children, teens, and adults.


Hormone Balancing Foods for Homeostasis

Learn about the foods & practices for optimal female hormone balancing, what hormones do to us and how can we support them with nutraceuticals.

Michelle Juda

Michelle is a passionate Raw Food Chef & Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Science & Design. She uses nutraceuticals to customize healing diets for individuals with chronic illnesses, hormone issues, cancer, weight loss, inflammation. Hormones control every function in our body and when they are out of balance, they can disrupt our every day life. Learn how certain foods can aid in homeostasis and better hormone functioning for a happier, healthier you


Beyond Yoga & Tai Chi with Louise

Discover the immense capacity of yoga to change our bodies, our minds, our spirits.  Yoga is a practice that is all about evolving health.

Louise Marcoux Phillips

Louise Marcoux Phillips is a 61-year-old certified Tai Chi and Yoga instructor and a member of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation. She has been practicing Yoga for 44 years and Tai Chi for 10 years.

Louise’s Yoga program is a unique blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Ballet, Pilates, and Kick-boxing; marrying the beauty and strengths of those healing and stretching modalities together. Her focus is on strength-training with the goal of helping her clients achieve their dreams of having a stronger, leaner body and a calmer, more relaxed mind. During each class Louise spends time teaching her clients Pranayama (breathing techniques) to help them learn how to deescalate confrontations as well as using their breath to calm their nervous systems down.


Yoga designed with you in mind

Experience an all level multi-style yoga practice that focuses on breath, intention, full range of motion and leading into playful forms of balance

Ruby Considine ERYT – Registered Yoga Teacher

Ruby is a Reiki healer and mother of two living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her teaching style was spawned from various styles such as: Flow, Kundalini and even Yin mixed all into one. Primarily based in Hatha that focuses on opening up space within our bodies, in order to fully come into poses.

Ruby believes our main goal should be to find balance between our mind, body and spirit. Whether or not you are arriving from a 'spiritual' background, the practice of yoga in itself while on the mat; can help transform how we approach our life when off the mat.

My Plant-Based Life

Learn how to change to a plant-based lifestyle and be happier, healthier and more successful!

Natalie Colalillo

Natalie Colalillo is a multi-preneur (many projects with one mission), passionate about empowering women to step into their greatness and move mountains in their lives. She is the CEO and founder of Happy Healthy Women – a Canada-wide Collective, a Social Marketing Professional with Arbonne International, A Life and Business Mentor for female entrepreneurs, and the host of her own web series – HHW TV.


Aromatherapy 101

Learn what is true aromatherapy, how essential oils work, how to use essential oils safely on a daily basis.

Irene Spedaliere

Irene Spedaliere is the founder of bodyFood Inc., a true line of aromatherapy and natural body care products that are made with pure essential oils.

Irene started her career in the pharmaceutical world compounding patient specific chemotherapy and IV preparations. Later she developed an interest in natural body care products and took an extensive course in Integrative Aromatherapy becoming a Professional Certified Aromatherapist in 2006. Her knowledge and expertise have been sought out by those that are health conscious and have a desire to life a healthy lifestyle.


Activities for the Soul

Awaken the Healing Power Within

Learn how energy healing works and the science behind it. Gain an understanding of the importance of the body, mind and spirit connection to help you improve health, wellness and personal power. See Reiki and energy healing techniques demonstrated.

Dawn Kress

Dawn Kress has been a leader in holistic health, healing & wellness for over 15 years. As a Certified International Mentor, Wellness Facilitator and Corporate Trainer, she has helped countless individuals transform their lives. Dawn offers a blend of holistic healing methods, including EFT and Reiki, mixed with a practical no-nonsense business acumen. Dawn has been interviewed by CBC radio and Global TV for her unconventional approach to achieving success in any area of life. She has offices in both Regina and Toronto where she does in-person appointments as well as a variety of workshops relating to personal and professional empowerment and wellness


The Healing Power of Crystals

Gain an understanding of how crystals effectively alter our energy vibrations and how we can work with them as spiritual tools to heal ourselves and bring about change.

Sydney Gallant

Sydney Gallant is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, intuitive card reader, writer and artist. She is passionate about guiding others to raise their self-awareness and actively partake in their spiritual well-being. Through her work with crystals, she has helped clients open to their greater potential and find deep healing within themselves, allowing them to live fully in their own light. She is also the Founder of The Corvus Circle, a spiritual movement to rekindle our primal relationship with Mother Earth and her unyielding love.


Chakra know the issues in your tissues

Be guided through a Chakra practice, learning the 7 basic Chakras, breathing and movement exercises with colour visualization.


Lanee worked in the corporate world as a banker and then in small business as a managing partner of an appraisal/brokerage firm for the health-care professions. At the end of the work day, she found herself taking ‘power naps’, to refresh and re-energize for evening activities. Years later she realized this was preparation for her next career as a student & teacher of Yoga and now she is an inquisitive participant of the Mystery. Lanee has completed many related certification courses - Yoga Teacher training, Yoga Therapy, Pilates, IMT (Integrated Movement Therapy), Nia (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) & Inner Workout coaching


Painting by the River - A Natural Stress Reducer

A step by step guide to acrylic landscape painting.

Jenni Morely

Jenni is a mother of four and a lifelong artist. She draws constant inspiration from the beauty and simple forms in the natural world and loves to share her experiences and passion with art enthusiasts of all ages. Jenni’s desire is to guide and encourage her students to discover or re-connect with the creator within.


The Day's Agenda

9 am

Registration Opens
(Please remember to print and bring your itinerary – displayed when you register)
Vendor Valley – over 20 Wellness Exhibitors for shopping!

10 am

Welcome by Avanti Women Founder – Dina Barazza
Keynote by a Special Expert on Women, Leadership and Resilience
Group Activity

We know our health has many dimensions, and there are many wellness practices available to support our best life. Avanti Women has assembled Experts from many traditional and non-traditional health and wellness practices to offer activities nurturing your MIND, BODY and SOUL.
(Pick one LUNCH and three ACTIVITY sessions)

11 am

Activity Session One

Mind, Body, and Soul
Choose from more than a dozen different Activities – including Fitness, Yoga on the lawn, Fireside chats presented by our Experts. Sign up for the sessions that interest you when you register.
(Please note: each session has a maximum capacity, register early to ensure you can attend the sessions that interest you.)


Lunch Session One

Enjoy a gourmet lunch under the tent overlooking the beautiful pond.
(Guests select LUNCH as one of four activities during the day)

1 pm

Lunch Session Two

Enjoy a gourmet lunch under the tent overlooking the beautiful pond.

1 pm

Activity Session Two

2 pm

Activity Session Three

3 pm

Closing Speeches, Group Picture and Prize Give Aways
Return to the MAIN Stage for a motivational closing speech – “How Women Can Make Time for their Wellness.”
Win Prizes, Network with new friends or finish your shopping

Return your Lanyard at the Registration Desk to receive your Avanti Women Wellness SWAG bag


Limited seats available!

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