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Avanti Women empowers you with the industry connections that you need to be successful. We host various networking events throughout the GTA and the community in which you live. We provide the opportunity to establish professional relationships that open doors and create new avenues to connect with entrepreneurs and business women at industry specific networking events.

Our networking events encourage fruitful discussions, exchange of ideas and knowledge about the hot topics that relate to your profession. We open doors to create new avenues to grow and learn with other like-minded women. We strive to present you with engaging speakers who have expert knowledge.

Avanti Women networking events bring you industry leaders that share information and trends in the following formats: round-table and panel discussions, speed networking and key-note speakers.

Women who attend these events usually work in a specific industry, work in corporations, are recent graduates, entrepreneurs or women who wish to network with other professional women.

Our pay as you go service format is flexible and works for women who are determined to move ahead!


The unique difference about Avanti Women is that it offers various topics for women who are at different stages in their lives. You may choose one or select them all. Our wide variety of services include:

  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Online & In-Person Learning Workshops & Conferences

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As part of our commitment to our members we seek out talented and leading resources, speakers, and experts to share their knowledge with our Avanti Women members. If this describes you, please apply today!