Mentoring Helps You SUCCEED!

Success is more likely to happen when you have a plan. At different points in our lives, we need support and guidance to reach our goals. Research has emphasized the value of Mentorship.

A Mentor acts as a trusted advisor and champion for your on-going development. A Mentor provides a collaborative dialogue and provides a safe haven to ask questions that you may not feel comfortable asking otherwise. A Mentor will guide you to see situations from different perspectives. The mentor relationship is successful when mentoring relationships are formed between people from similar industries, interests and values.

That is why Avanti Women's Mentoring Program uses assessments and in-depth questionnaires to match mentees and mentors. We want to ensure your moving forward experience is impactful with solutions custom designed to your needs.

The Goals of the Avanti Women's Mentor Program are to:
  • Advance your career
  • Provide you with professional guidance
  • Assist you in your work/life transition
  • Contribute and participate to the opportunity to give back
How Avanti Women's Mentoring Program Works:
  • Review of our Mentee and Mentor matching criteria
  • Selection of a program, based on the hours and length of time that work with your schedule and goals
  • Completion of our online questionnaire and identifying your personal or professional goals and interests
  • Commitment of time and effort towards the collaboration process


The unique difference about Avanti Women is that it offers various topics for women who are at different stages in their lives. You may choose one or select them all. Our wide variety of services include:

  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Online & In-Person Learning Workshops and Conferences

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There is compelling evidence that cite a recent report indicating employees who seek mentors have a 66% success ratio with career advancement. For those surveyed the benefits of having a mentor outweighed any other type of informal learning.