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Project Management

Understand the skills and activities that effective project management requires. Learn how to clarify the scope of a project you're managing, including identifying the project's stakeholders and articulating its objectives. Find out how to build a schedule for your project, using scheduling tools, and how to develop a project budget that accommodates contingencies. Explore tactics for assembling and managing a project team, as well as managing the risks that can derail your project. Discover how to monitor your project's spending, schedule, scope, and quality and address problems as they arise, and how to keep stakeholders informed as your project progresses. Finally, learn how to close out your project and extract lessons you can apply to the next project you manage.

  • Understand Project Management
  • Establish Project Scope
  • Develop a Schedule and Budget
  • Assemble Your Project Team
  • Manage Project Risks
  • Monitor Project Progress and Problems
  • Communicate with Stakeholders
  • Close Out a Project 

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