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Persuading Others

Appreciate why the powers of persuasion are more critical than ever to being an effective professional. Learn tactics for strengthening your credibility, a fundamental step toward enhancing your persuasiveness. Learn how to analyze key aspects of people you want to persuade, such as how receptive they will be to your proposal and how they make decisions. Find out how to make persuasive appeals that not only strike your listeners as reasonable but also excite their imagination, and win their commitment to your idea. Gain insight into what makes people resist your proposals and learn how to overcome the many types of resistance. Includes a section on persuasion triggers that you can activate to make your proposals even more compelling.

  • Understand Persuasion
  • Build Your Credibility
  • Understand Your Audience
  • Win Minds
  • Win Hearts
  • Overcome Resistance
  • Activate Persuasion Triggers

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