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Innovation Implementation

Bringing promising innovations to fruition is one of the toughest challenges organizations face. Learn about the major challenges, €”such as outright resistance and inadequate funding, €”you are likely to encounter as you work to transform a great idea into a new product, service, or business process or model. Discover potent tactics for surmounting those challenges, including laying a solid foundation of support among key stakeholders early in the implementation process. Build a compelling business case for your innovation and use it to keep your stakeholders engaged throughout the implementation process €”even as your innovation hits the inevitable setbacks and frustrations. Understand how your organization allocates resources to innovation projects, so you can influence decisions such as who will be on the implementation team and how much funding your innovation will receive

  • The Implementation Challenge
  • Articulate Your Idea
  • Build Support
  • Build Your Business Case
  • Engage Your Stakeholders
  • Secure the Right Team
  • Address Obstacles

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