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Online learning is a lifetime journey and with today’s changing market landscape, whether you are a student, working for a corporation, an entrepreneur or a new immigrant, self-development is often overlooked. Not sure where to start?

Avanti Women with Harvard Business Publishing delivers Harvard ManageMentor®, an on-demand leadership resource at an exclusive price for its members. Choose from thirty-two courses which cover core topics aligned to business priorities and professional development goals.

Buy and try a course for only $60. After finishing a course, you will receive a completion certificate. Don’t forget to take advantage of the education benefits provided by your employer.

Invest in yourself and gain new skills, knowledge and apply the learning today to improve your job performance.

Whenever and wherever, take action to receive customized, guided learning and follow your path to growth.


Understand what budgets are and why they matter.

Business Case Development

Understand the difference between a business case and a business plan.

Business Plan Development

Create a business plan that will sell your idea and help you make strategic decisions.

Career Management

Take control of your career.

Change Management

By having a clear vision and a sound plan, you and your team can manage change instead of change managing you.


Use the time you spend coaching employees more effectively.

Decision Making

Prepare to make a decision by selecting a decision-making approach and defining your objectives.


Understand benefits of delegating, challenges of delegating, and signs suggesting that you may be under-delegating.

Developing Employees

Learn practical, easy ways to make employee development a regular part of your management routine.

Difficult Interactions

Learn the common causes of difficult interactions in the workplace and the benefits of effective conflict management.


Learn why diverse teams are a competitive advantage for your business.

Finance Essentials

Gain familiarity with the three most essential financial statements used in business: the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement.

Global Collaboration

Cultivate your cultural intelligence by carefully observing the people around you and and modifying your behaviors accordingly.

Goal Setting

When you set goals, you commit to achieving certain outcomes, €”and make a plan for doing so.

Innovation and Creativity

Find out what innovation and creativity really are and why they'€™re more important than ever to sustaining success.

Innovation Implementation

Bringing promising innovations to fruition is one of the toughest challenges organizations face.

Leading and Motivating

Learn how effective leaders inspire trust, motivate others, and define and communicate a vision.

Leveraging Your Network

Learn how to build, strengthen and sustain effective networks, and the relationships that are their foundation.

Managing Your Boss

Find out what managing your boss really means and why it matters more than ever.

Marketing Essentials

Help your team learn the basics of marketing so they better serve customers inside and outside your company.

Meeting Management

Prepare for a successful meeting by clarifying the purpose of the meeting, creating an agenda, and determining who to invite.


Successfully negotiate agreements that benefit you and your organization.

Persuading Others

Appreciate why the powers of persuasion are more critical than ever to being an effective professional.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to analyze your audience and the setting (whether in-person or remote) so you can more effectively prepare for and deliver a presentation.

Process Improvement

Understand what a business process is and how to use business process improvement to enhance your organization's efficiency and profitability.

Project Management

Understand the skills and activities that effective project management requires.

Strategic Thinking

To bring the most value to your organization, you need to be able to analyze opportunities and problems from a broad perspective.

Strategy Planning and Execution

To be successful, your organization needs a clear, sound strategy.

Stress Management

Understand the difference between positive and negative workplace stress.

Team Creation

Understand what makes teams unique and what forms they can take.

Team Management

Manage a team by building trust, strengthening team identity, and encouraging open communication and participation.

Time Management

This module will help you master effective time management techniques.

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