Women’s Health: How to increase brain power through healthy eating at work


As women balance the stresses associated with work, whether as a professional or entrepreneur, they incorporate time management to get through the day. But do they manage healthy eating and proper nutrition? How many times do we skip meals, eat late or not at all? There is a direct correlation between nutrition and well-being in the workplace. 
Do you want to increase the power of your brain? Learn how Michelle Juda, a Holistic Nutritionist, walks you through how your brain works, the fundamentals of increasing your brainpower and the simple foods and lifestyle changes to do it.
Key takeaways to learn about nutrition and brainpower:
1. What the Brain Needs
2. Foods for the Brain
3. Supplements & Brain Exercises

Michelle Juda is a passionate Raw Food Chef (The Healing Cuisine 2017) and Holistic Nutritionist (CSNN 2015) with a background in Environmental Sciences, Biology (University of Toronto 1996) and Interior Design (Sheridan College 1992).  Her holistic healing journey has also led her into the field of Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Fermentation. 
Many root causes of disease and chronic illness stem from the foods we eat, poor digestion, and absorption or assimilation of nutrients. Michelle uses food, along with nutraceuticals to customize healing diets for individuals with chronic illnesses, inflammation, hormone imbalances, cancer, and weight issues. Adding certain foods and nutraceuticals to your diet can balance out deficiencies and create homeostasis, reducing inflammation, chronic illness symptoms, and better hormone functioning.  She believes if you want to achieve optimal health and wellness, that we must engage in a mind-body-spirit approach. 
Her company, Rooted in Nutrition, provides clients with individualized nutrition programs, detoxes and cleanses, hormone and cancer programs.  Rooted also offers cold-pressed juices and cleanses, catering for specific diets and gluten-free baked goods.

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Instagram: rooted_in_nutrition

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