What is the difference between mental health vs. mental illness?


Watch and learn about how Mental Health is just as important as physical health. But not enough people understand its complexity and how it affects every facet of daily life as we know it.
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Tammy Whelen, Mental Health Education Lead with the Canadian Mental Health Association.  Listen to her talk on the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, and how our perceptions about mental health affect our ability to seek help.

Key takeaways: 
1. Explore the difference between mental health and mental illness
2. Define healthy coping strategies to maintain mental health
3. Discover attainable self-care options to support overall mental wellness

Tammy Whelen is no stranger to adversity. She faced a difficult battle with cancer at just 25 years old and has experienced firsthand the anguish of losing a loved one to drugs. Since that time Tammy has dedicated herself to helping others. Whether planning fundraisers, sharing her story, or motivating students, Tammy channels her energy and passion into creating a brighter future for those who may be fighting their own tough battles.  

Today, in her role as Educator at Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin, Tammy is focusing her efforts on helping to spread the word about the mental health issues that affect so many Canadians from all walks of life. As a Certified ASIST Trainer (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), certified safeTALK Trainer, certified Compassion Fatigue Trainer, and certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Tammy is determined to demystify mental illness and fight the stigma surrounding it. 

She understands that awareness is the key to finding solutions – not just for those struggling to live with mental illness, but for the families trying desperately to cope, as well as our society as a whole. 
With a certification in Facilitation and Teaching Effectiveness and Adult Education, Tammy shares her knowledge and experience as an instructor at Humber College.

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