Returning to Work After a Leave


Soul and Spirit in Recovery

Watch this ondemand webinar to learn about returning to work after a leave.

As women juggle many roles in life, mental health has become a growing concern in the workplace. When compounded by the stressors in life, they experience burnout. If they take leave from work, they carry feelings of failure, shame, and guilt. If women do not honour themselves with self-care, they are ill-equipped to reacclimatize back into the workplace. 
Recovery is a process based on hope, continued growth, occasional setbacks and a willingness to change. The capacity to recover from a mental health condition looks different for each person.  
Mandi dives into the philosophy of soul and spirit in recovery through her own healing journey. In this webinar, she offers three key takeaways for women experiencing mental health issues to return to work: 
·      The role of curiosity
·      Hope and the possibility of recovery
·      Discernment as an aptitude
As a Return to Work, Workplace and Peer Consultant specializing in the field of mental health, Mandi creates facilitates workshops with the goal of building resilient employees by helping them achieve their goals for wellbeing and recovery. She also equips employers with the skills, knowledge, and awareness that will improve productivity and engagement in a healthy workplace environment.   
Mandi possesses a solid educational background in Adult Education, Career Consulting, Financial Business Administration and Organizational Behaviour, Communications and a Masters in Healing Arts.  She is qualified in Psychological Health & Safety, Mental Health First Aid and as a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist.  She attained Level 1 & 2 Creative Problem-Solving Training from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo University (2019).  

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