Pandemic Principles - Skills for leading a Crucial Conversation April 8 at 7PM


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Pandemic Principles - Skills for leading a Crucial Conversation 

As we experience incredible upheaval in our personal and professional lives, it is imperative to be able to rely on our ability to communicate effectively with kindness, intent and compassion.  Join Avanti Women, in demand guest speaker Madalena Coutinho, Certified Professional Facilitator and Key-Note Speaker, in an online workshop where you can deepen and refresh your ability to accurately and honestly share your views and have a constructive conversation.    Join us to discuss ways to encourage others to respond in a way that honors each other’s perspective and creates a safe place to be present and be more understanding. 
You will explore and practice how to communicate a tough message while being honest and maintaining safety for others to stay in dialogue using the S.T.A.T.E your path method. You will also sharpen your skills on how to create mutual purpose when a discussion seems to be going in circles and dialogue turns to argument.
Regain your piece of mind, reduce stress and protect your relationships from unhealthy conflict.

About Madalena Coutinho:
Madalena Coutinho is a Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF), Learning and Development specialist, and a professional Keynote speaker. Madalena brings more than 30 years of experience in the areas of team and leadership development, change management and strategic planning.

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