Celebrate International Womens Day with Avanti Women


Thank you to all the members who joined us on Saturday for a fun and insightful afternoon.

We'd like to hear from you your feedback please fill in this brief Event Survey so we can improve for next years celebration.

Celebrate with Avanti Women on Saturday March 9th International Women’s Day!


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In the spirit of empowering women to move forward in their personal and professional development through networking, mentoring and learning, we will be hosting a special networking event for Women to embrace a better balance in their lives.

March 8th is the official International Women’s Day Event, But to be more inclusive we have chosen to celebrate this on;
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We will delight you with a light lunch, insightful speaker, and networking with some fun fabulous women interested in learning a better balance in their lives.
Bring a friend or a family member and spend the afternoon learning about Balancing your life both personally and professionally.

With Spring around the corner, we invite you this year, to share your creativity and fashion sense and wear a hat for IWD! So, put on your favourite fancy hat, showcase your flair for style and you could be the one (1) lucky guest that will take home our fancy hat prize!

Keynote Speaker

Join us on March 9th to see and hear Sajel's Empower Me, Empower We talk.  Sajel Bellon, who is an Occupational Stress and Trauma Specialist, Human Connection Cultivator, Educator and Speaker. She specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation and growth and offers services to promote mental wellness.

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Mind Armour Founder Sajel Bellon will be our Keynote Speaker for the event. Sajel is an Occupational Stress and Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Professional.
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As a TEDx speaker, she specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation, and growth for individuals and organizations.

She is an expert in cultivating the space and conditions for enhancing work-life experiences and relationships, using the sciences of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Development, and other modalities.

Keen Concepts Consulting 
Ranjini Cassup, Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant.  Ranjini is also a long time member and volunteer with Avanti Women.


kate spade  has kindly donated a handbag (valued at $500) in our draw.

Our guests will also have a chance to win 2 (separate) Private Shopping Parties! Private Shopping parties are held in kate spade store locations, and allow you and up to 5 guests to shop in luxury with a discount of 15% on all purchases. 

If you are having any trouble registering please contact us at info@avantiwomen.com and we will reach out to you.


Mitandio - has its origin from a Swahiliword meaning scarves. Behind the vision of these beautiful artistic scarves are two vibrant sisters, Jas Sandhu and Ruku Sandhu, who share a combined love for art, fashion and wildlife. The iconic prints on each scarf at Mitandio are inspired from their life and travels in Africa and India. Guests are welcome to purchase scarves on site.
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Live Chic. Love Mitandio. 

Tickets are selling out fast, so join us to celebrate, network, learn and be more empowered.

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