3 Massive Money Management Mistakes...and how to reverse them


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Are you losing out on your dreams? Do they seem more like wishful fantasies when it comes to having the money to pay for them? Have you ever wondered how some people spend money without a concern in the world? Are you curious to learn the secrets of those who are successful with their money?
Join author and financial wellness expert Frank Wiginton, as he shares with you:
·      the 3 most common money management mistakes
·      how to reverse these mistakes and be more successful with your money
·      and he will reveal the #1 secret to financial success!

Following the webinar, Frank will answer any and all of your personal finance questions from money to taxes, to interest rates, investing, insurance, and retirement. 

Frank Wiginton is a Financial Wellness Expert and Author. He is the author of the book: How to Eat an Elephant - Achieving Financial Success One Bite at a Time. For the last 20+ years, Frank has been helping people understand personal finance through his down-to-earth, frank explanations. 
He is unbiased as he does not manage money or sell investment products. For the last 10 years, Frank has been teaching personal finance and retirement readiness to employees of companies and organizations.

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Send Frank your personal finance questions via Email: frank@wiginton.ca

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