Avanti Women's WonderWoman of December - Sandy Watt

Posted by Avanti Women Dec 4, 2018

Through her years of corporate experience, Sandy Watt has always found time to volunteer for worthy causes. With her recent career transition to UNICEF Canada, Sandy truly understands the power of "Giving Forward".

Avanti Women Wonder Woman for November - Rose Pallotto

Posted by Avanti Women Nov 8, 2018

Avanti Women talked to Rose Pallotto, a Community Manager for Meridian Credit Union who also runs her own E-Commerce Business.

Control your Holiday Spending with a Budget

Posted by Avanti Women Nov 7, 2018

Here are some tips on how to budget your gift spending, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season!

Avanti Wonder Woman of the Month for October - Irene Spedaliere

Posted by Avanti Women Oct 11, 2018

Avanti Women's Wonder Woman in Entrepreneur month is a remarkable entrepreneur. Irene Spedaliere turned her passion for health into an amazing product line. Irene has appeared on Breakfast Television and will be pitching the Dragons on CBC's Dragon's Den in November.

Avanti Women Wonder Women of September - Alosha Paranavithana

Posted by Avanti Women Sep 11, 2018

In a recent discussion with fellow Avanti Women, Alosha Paranavithana, she talked with us about her development strategies, and her mentoring relationship with Avanti Women founder, Dina Barazza.

Beauty in Social Media

Posted by Avanti Women Aug 13, 2018

In the western world, we are conditioned to believe beauty is what we see in the media. These beauty ideals that women are told to try and adhere to are unrealistic. Plain and simple. But how did we get here?

7 D Wellness

Posted by Avanti Women Jul 13, 2018

Explore the seven dimensions of Wellness in this blog post by Avanti Women Blogger Trisha Richards.

Avanti Women's WonderWoman of July - Dr. Sher Bovay

Posted by Avanti Women Jul 13, 2018

Dr. Bovay has over 25 years of clinical experience and is certified through The Institute of Lifestyle medicine at Harvard Medical School. She believes that her role with her clients is to be their Sherpa, creating the path to their goals and guiding them along the way by sharing their load when required so they can continue their journey towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Avanti Women Wonder Woman for June - Lisa Mitchell

Posted by Avanti Women Jun 12, 2018

Lisa Mitchell is the Principal of Green Apple Consulting. She is a Professional Leadership Coach, Talent Management Consultant, Speaker and Facilitator with over 20 years’ experience as a Corporate Leader and Executive. Learn more about Lisa's story.

Avanti Women's WonderWoman of May - Victoria Pelletier

Posted by Avanti Women May 17, 2018

In Avanti Women's month of Networking, it is fitting that our WonderWoman is a self-described passionate networker. Read our interview with Victoria Pelletier, CEO of ValidateIT Technologies.