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Key Differences Between a Vision and Goal

Posted by Nikolina Kvesic Jan 4, 2019

Do you find yourself setting goals without having a vision or do you confuse the two to mean the same? Having goals without a vision might lead to counterproductivity. Both terms are fundamentally different, and each requires appropriate attention. Without one, the other cannot be achieved.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Vision Board

Posted by Avanti Women Jan 4, 2019

Making a vision board can help you create the outcomes you want in all areas of your life. In doing my own vision boards, and leading vision board workshops, I’ve learned that it’s more than gluing pictures onto a board. It’s about reflecting on what you want, letting go of what’s in the way, designing a vision that calls to you, and then putting in place habits that will ensure the likelihood of your success.