The Best Ways to Learn Online in 2020

Posted by Shama Jawaid Nov 6, 2019
Remember your old school days? Do you talk to your kids about when you went to school? Especially about the time when you walked a mile to get to class every day? In retrospect, the time we spent in face to face classrooms, choosing from a limited course selection, and pulling all-nighters to submit a project in the teacher’s hands the next morning are becoming exactly that – a thing of the past. Enter a new way of learning in the twenty-first century.
eLearning – Master of your own education
The pace of life is hectic and the market landscape has transformed drastically. In order to keep abreast of all these changes, taking eLearning courses has become the new way to learn a new skill or upgrade an old one, without having to leave the comforts of your home. You save time and the money it takes to attend schooling onsite.
According to an article written by elearning Industry, you are “the master of your own education.” You have the opportunity to control how you receive your education, from your schedule, self-paced learning, to topics of study and costs!  You can even take free courses to learn from prestigious educators, although you may not receive a completion certificate.
eLearning Statistics
eLearning increases retention rates by 25%-60% and 77% of US corporations used digital learning as a method of education in the workplace and companies with a comprehensive training program that use online learning have 24% higher profit margins. Therefore, online learning is cost-effective and amazing for the bottom-line of any organization. 

Online Learning Benefits
On an individual level, digital learning has become a key component of a student’s secondary education. Laptop use has increased in schools with over 50% of students using digital study technologies to help them with their schoolwork.
Overall, the movement towards eLearning is justified when you review its benefits to a student’s lifestyle and the ability to partake in activities that matter most of them while they embarking on further studies.
Here are some of the best benefits of learning online: 
·        Career advancement – online courses looks great on your resume

·        Flexible schedule – courses are available at all times, even at 3 am!

·        Choose your environment – work from home, remote office, library, coffee shop

·        Low costs – save money on transportation, books, and other incidentals

·        Self-discipline and accountability – you need to work towards your goal with virtual support

·        Variety of course topics – you have more opportunity to customize your degree/diploma/certificate

Being able to learn when you want, where you want and how you want have become factors in making a decision to upgrade your skills and seek continuing education. This on-demand, self-paced, choose-your-own-menu learning has converted old-style, face to face classroom training into a joyful experience that offers you unlimited possibilities towards achieving success – all without emptying your bank account. 

Sound doable? All you need is an internet connection, a learning management system and the drive to learn something new.
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Written by Shama Jawaid, Avanti Women Volunteer Blogger

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