Networking Tips - How to Network like you mean it

Posted by Nikolina Kvesic Jul 8, 2019

While many people realize the importance of networking in our careers, they primarily rely on it only when looking for a new job. It’s important to remember to connect with other professionals that can always help with every aspect of your career development, not just when you’re searching for change.

Invest in your relationships

Networking isn’t just about exchanging information with other people. It’s about establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with the people you meet. There is a multitude of benefits to expanding your contacts, aside from just building out a powerful LinkedIn profile. Here are five of those benefits:

1. Open doors to new opportunities – when you’re networking you are visible. You might be approached by a contact or a recruiter about a job, freelance project or just meeting an important person in the industry you’ve been wanting to get a foothold in.

2. Help others – it’s rewarding to help someone else with their career goals. Whether it’s putting in a good word to help someone get a promotion or new job, or just making an introduction to help others connect, you’re paving the path for your own success.

3. Stand out from the rest – through your broad network of contacts you become the person that is asked to make introductions or provide insight on clients or competitors.

4. Access a support network – if you’re interviewing for a new job or exploring a new industry, you can reach out to an open network of professions to ask for advice or tips on what to expect.

5. Exchange ideas – there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained simply by talking to other professionals. Keep on top of trends and developments in your industry and nurture your professional growth.

Put in the effort to reap the rewards

It’s not a business card collection contest. Remember that quality always trumps quantity when you’re thinking about which connections matter. When you’re headed out to your next networking event, keep these things in mind:

· Never dismiss anyone – Make it your mission to discover value in each person you talk to. Ask questions and listen with interest. Though that individual may not necessarily have the title you deem important, they likely have the knowledge or valuable connections.

· Help connect the dots – Make it a point to connect people that you feel have value to each other. This is your way of contributing to successful networking.

· Figure out how to help – It’s always worth it to find out what people want and need. Chances are that you’ll be able to find something worthwhile to offer.

· Be honest and open – Be comfortable talking about your intention for attending the event. Talk about your goals and be genuine. This raw honesty will likely lend itself to an opportunity if you give it a chance.

You need to put in the “work” in “networking” in order to do it well. Go get out there!

Written by Avanti Women Member and Volunteer Blogger, Nikolina Kvesic

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