Michelle Gibson-Morgan: Harvard Business Publishing Course Review

Posted by Avanti Women Aug 28, 2015

I have taken two courses by Harvard Manage Mentor (Harvard Business Publishing) to date. The courses I completed were and

I enjoyed taking both courses as they were focused on the practical applications of the concepts taught so most of the activities were scenario-based. There were videos of various industry leaders sharing first hand experiences and insights on effective coaching, career development and dealing with career impasse. Above all, I appreciated the tips and tools that were provided such as, assessments, templates and worksheets that I can use now and in the future.  I think it is fantastic that I get unlimited access to the courses once I have registered so I can review the courses whenever I need a refresher.

As a Learning & Development Professional in transition, it is important to have a clear sense of where I am and equip myself to move forward in my career. These courses complement my other personal and professional development strategies very well. They have allowed me to sharpen my skills in several areas, acquire new knowledge and challenge my own thinking about career progression. I have also learned some life lessons about how to do things differently and sharpened my decision making skills. There is so much that I can also share with others. I am passionate about my learning as well as the learning of others!

I will continue to take courses with Avanti Women and Harvard Business Publishing as there are a variety of courses on different skills and contemporary topics relevant for all stages of a woman‰Ûªs professional and personal life. Next on my course list is

Michelle Gibson-Morgan B.Ed., Avanti member

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