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Posted by Avanti Women Oct 31, 2017


Driven by her passion for entrepreneurship and empowering women, Mandy Kaur has been the heart of Avanti Women since 2015. As the Director of Projects & Special Events, she has completed 3 large Career & Networking expos at Ontario Colleges, over 50 networking events for women across the GTA and helped grow the organization to over 1000 members. 

She is a Big Sister in the Peel Region, specifically involved in the Go Girls! mentoring program where she helps girls aged 12-14 focus on physical well-being, balanced eating and self-esteem. As a strong advocate of personal development, in 2016 she participated in the Miss India Canada pageant and won the title of Miss Congeniality. 

It is with a heavy heart that Mandy Kaur moves on into her new role as a Project Manager where she manages conferences and programs for clients in Animal Health.

Avanti Women has played an integral role in shaping her professional and personal life, read on to learn more about how it can positively impact yours too!

Dina Barazza & Mandy Kaur at Avanti Women & Microsoft Networking event

What‰Ûªs your Story? 

My journey with Avanti Women started long before the organization even existed. I met Dina Barazza (founder of Avanti Women) when she was an HR instructor at Humber College. I had completed my Bachlor‰Ûªs degree at the Schulich School of Business, felt uninspired by working in the software industry for a few years and realized I wanted to do work that made an impact. At that time for me it meant a career in Human Resources ‰ÛÒ the people side of business.

But as you may have experienced, breaking into a new industry can be difficult so I decided to get a certification and build my network. Upon hearing about my career frustration, Dina reviewed my resume and secured me an HR interview all in one week! This decision to follow my heart led me to meeting an engaging instructor, a business partner and a lifelong friend.

I never ended up getting a job in HR, but rather I ended up exactly where I wanted to be. Let me explain.

Years later, Dina had founded an organization called Avanti Women, an organization dedicated to empowering women to move forward professionally and personally through networking, mentoring and learning. I started off by participating in focus groups, then volunteering as the Director of Mentorship and later accepting a position as the Marketing & Events Manager and was promoted to the Director of Projects & Special Events.

It was by volunteering and working with Avanti Women that I realized my true strengths and passion and here is how you can too!

Avanti Women 2017 - Vision Board Party & Networking Event

How have mentors played a role in your career?  

By volunteering with Avanti Women you will have access to women who care about your professional & personal development. My experience with AW gave me access to the brightest women in sales, marketing, technology, human resources and strategy. Mentors help you expand your mind and open up opportunities that wouldn‰Ûªt have existed otherwise.  

Given that Avanti Women is a member-based organization run by volunteers, volunteers are matched with mentors at no charge. If you are interested in volunteering with us, send your resume to 

Although Dina was my business coach, working with an entrepreneur taught me indispensable skills. When we work for large organizations, we are a piece of the puzzle; however, in a small organization, you are manufacturing the puzzle and your impact on an organization is significant. If you ever have the opportunity to work or volunteer with an entrepreneur, I would highly recommend it. I learned how to hustle, prioritize, wear multiple hats, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders. 

Holiday ParTEA - Month of Giving Forward - Donations for women's shelters

What advice do you have for women who are entering your profession?

The advice I have for any women entering any career would be:

  • Every experience, professional or personal ‰ÛÒ no matter how crappy it is, teaches you something about yourself.
  • ‰Û÷Actions Bring Clarity‰Ûª ‰ÛÒ Nowadays there is a lot of hype and stress associated with finding your passion. Enjoy the journey of finding what sparks your soul and the only way of figuring it out is actually trying it. And if you find yourself miserable, go back and read point # 1.
Rogers TV - Business Casual - Interview for AW & Networking expo

Whats your recipe for success?

Avanti in Italian means to Move Forward and that is the key ingredient in my recipe to success. No matter how difficult a situation is ‰ÛÒ it will pass. Enjoy the beautiful moments in your life ‰ÛÒ because those too will pass. Time keeps moving forward so be prepared to move forward with it in a positive and optimistic manner.

It was through my experience with Avanti women I realized my strength and passion in Project Management. I recently landed a role as a Project Manager for Meeting & Events and I am in the process of obtaining my project management certification. Unfortunately, with my new demands I won‰Ûªt be able to keep up with my Avanti Women commitments.  Avanti Women is a training ground for leaders. If you are looking to be inspired and making a difference in the lives of other woman I encourage you to sign up as a member at Membership is complimentary, you only pay for the programs you need. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Avanti Women, send your resume to 

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Dina Barazza & Mandy Kaur - The Dream Team!


With all my love,

Mandy Kaur aka Dina's Mandelina :) 

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