How to use Intuition at Work

Posted by Nikolina Kvesic Jun 5, 2019

Listen to the voice that doesn’t use words.

Use this natural secret weapon both in and outside of the workplace. 5 Tips to Sharpen your Intuition:

1.       Listen to your gut – If you’re not likely to think of yourself as intuitive, you’re likely inclined to ignore your gut.  Give your intuition a chance to guide you and start thinking about which choices awaken your excitement and passions. 
2.       Learn from the past – Think back to a recent negative experience. Did you have any feelings at all that urged you to steer clear from it? The more you can get in touch with the part of you that tried to warn you, the more you’ll likely trust it next time. 
3.       Journal your thoughts – Write down those gut feelings. Over the long run, you’ll be able to see which hunches have panned out and which haven’t. Keeping track of any intuitive insights will also ensure you don’t forget them. 
4.       Find solitude - spend a designated amount of time each day (this could be 15 minutes) being alone and listening to yourself. Ask yourself questions, and you’ll be surprised what answers you get. 
5.       Put yourself in someone else’s shoes – The ability to feel what someone else is going through is important. Try to let go of judgment and practice putting yourself in their position. It will help you read them and strengthen your relationships.

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Chances are you’ve been in a situation before that just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was in a job interview where you sensed it wasn’t a good fit or in a team meeting where your manager was assigning you a new project that he thought you’d be perfect for, but you weren’t quite sure you agreed but went along anyway. 

During any given day, we’re faced with hundreds of decisions, most of which we make in a split second. We’re influenced and guided by our unconscious mind, previous experiences, personality, bias, and several additional factors. All these things collectively amount to intuition, the ability to understand something immediately without the need for reasoning. Everyone possesses intuition, though some people are more highly developed than others. 

Use Intuition at work to dig deeper

All of these ‘gut feelings’ or instincts can be looked at as red flags urging you to dig deeper and pay attention. Although it may be easy to shoe them aside, don’t discredit them just because they aren’t supported with the logic you typically use to make decisions. 

Intuition is an incredible asset. Use it to enhance (not replace) your logical, decision-making process. To do this, you need to become familiar with how your inner voice speaks to you and what its personality is.   

Don’t ever underestimate that small inner voice, as it can make a big impact on both your career and your life.

Written by Avanti Women Member and Volunteer Blogger, Nikolina Kvesic

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