Guest Speaker Spotlight: Nida Jabrani from PMInfinity

Posted by Avanti Women Dec 1, 2016

I have always had a passion for teaching. Throughout University, both undergraduate and during my MBA days all the way to the corporate world, no matter where I have been, I have always found myself facilitating formal training sessions for others in my subject matter of expertise. So it was no surprise to my close family and friends when I finally launched PMInfinity in March, 2016.

Nida Jabrani - CEO of PMInifinity

PMInfinity is a boutique training firm for Project Management and Business Analysis that prepares professionals for accreditation through unique case-based learning and theoretical training aligned with published industry standards. Having practiced as both a Business Analyst and Project Manager in increasingly senior roles across many industries, I knew I had the skill-set and passion to succeed in professional training.

During this time I was fortunate to be a member and volunteer with Avanti Women. Dina Barazza has been an influential mentor to me, providing early business plan feedback for PMInfinity and actively connecting me with key people in industry. Dina offered me the Avanti Women platform and member base for me to conduct a Project Management career workshop through PMInfinity. The entire Avanti Peel Region team marketed my workshop with great commitment. Dina too provided me with added coaching in facilitation skills that further inspired me to present this workshop. The results were phenomenal; the workshop was well attended and half of the participants signed up for PMInfinity‰Ûªs first-ever PMP Exam Preparation Course that started two weeks later. I was in absolute bewilderment that PMInfinity had met its course attendee target in the very first session offered! I am sincerely grateful for the immense support from Dina and the entire Avanti Women team ‰ÛÒ Avanti is truly Women Moving Forward.

- Nida Jabrani

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