DEAR DINA: Dina's take on how to network confidently

Posted by Avanti Women Apr 30, 2017

Dear Dina, 

What are good opening statements and questions to ask others when I network?

- Ms. Anxious 

Dear, Ms. Anxious,

I find networking can be a nerve racking experience for some people.  Do what is comfortable for you.  Talk about what you know. For example, if you are animal lover, why don‰Ûªt you ask someone; if you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why…  ensure you stick to something that is fun and connected to the event that your networking at.  If it‰Ûªs a industry specific event, seek feedback about the key note speaker or event status…. I always recommend that you stay away from religious, political or jokes.

Here are few other techniques I have used;

What motivated you to attend this event?

How long have you been in the ____ industry? 

My default question would include the weather or a recent news item.

My point, is be you and have fun.

Make sure you follow up in 48 hours, ask for their permission to add them to your LinkedIn profile and thank them for their time.

Kind wishes,

Dina Barazza,

Founder of Avanti Women

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