CrossFit...a Life changer

Posted by Avanti Women Jul 31, 2015

CrossFit‰Û_a life changer

Have you heard about CrossFit?  Do you think it is something that super fit, young people do in a barren warehouse space with minimal equipment until they drop? I used to as well until I started working with someone who owned a CrossFit box (that‰Ûªs what you call the CrossFit gym) in 2010.  My colleague had been doing CrossFit early on before anyone really knew what it was and she actually went to the CrossFit Games in 2014!

Before I discovered CrossFit I joined a gym and enjoyed my weekly Zumba class.  I can still do some of the steps to selected Pitbull songs!  After a while, I wanted more of a physical challenge and was encouraged to take boxing classes at a CrossFit box.  I was scared to walk into the place but everyone was so nice and welcoming that it made it easier to go back three times a week. I boxed for one and a half years before I wanted to try something new and started the on-ramp course, which teaches you how to properly do Olympic weight lifting.  I have been a ‰ÛÏCrossFitter‰Û for over two years now and I love it!

Here are six reasons why I love CrossFit and you would too if you gave it a try.

1) Balance: One of the main benefits of CrossFit is that it helps me live a balanced life. During intense workouts, your body releases hormones that help you manage stress related to work-life balance. The workouts leave me feeling positive and energized!

2) Community: You are part of a CrossFit community that is worldwide. Whenever I travel, I workout at different CrossFit ‰ÛÏboxes‰Û and have always felt welcomed.

3) Variety: Everyday there is a different workout so your body continuously feels challenged and you never get bored. Variety is the spice of life!

4) Not a number: At larger gyms you go in and do your own thing, maybe take a class and more likely than not don‰Ûªt show up for weeks at a time.  How many of you have a gym membership you never use? If you miss CrossFit classes, your workout buddies will reach out to you and hold you accountable. At CrossFit boxes you are not a number!

5) Love: You will LOVE CrossFit.  You will love how it makes you feel, how it makes you look and the friends you make during the process.  You will fall in love with exercise and tell everyone you know how badass you are because you CrossFit!

6) Fun: While I will admit some of the workouts for me are not fun, I have fun doing them because I embrace the challenge and smile. I work hard and focus on the task at hand, one repetition at a time.  I love the 6:00 AM gang I workout with because we encourage each other to work hard and finish each session.

CrossFit really is for everyone at every age and ability.  You leave each workout feeling like a million bucks.  It makes you stronger both physically and mentally.  Do you want to be able to carry your own groceries when you are 80 years old?  I do and I will!

Find a local CrossFit box near you and give it a try! You will never look back!

Kristina Proctor, Avanti Women Member

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