Cher Jones - April's WonderWoman

Posted by Avanti Women Apr 4, 2017

Cher Jones
Social Media Trainer | Speaker| Personal Branding Coach
What is your story?
When I was a little girl I didn't say to myself I want to be a social media trainer and personal branding coach when I grow up.  C‰Ûªmon, what I do now didn't exist as a career even five years ago! As a kid I just wanted to be a famous actor. So, I went to school for journalism because that's what my parents would pay for as far as feeding my dreams of fame went.
Over my 18-year career the world became more and more digital and I started my career as a producer at Raptors Television, then became a freelance copy writer, worked in marketing, landed on air CBC and a took on a PR and communications role with the City of Toronto in 2009. At each iteration of my career I had to refresh my identity while leveraging the skills I gained along the way. I was also able to remotely experience what ‰ÛÏfame‰Û felt like as became I known for what I could do and it felt good!
When I got my job at the City it was disruptive time for communicators. Social media emerged as a powerful tool and most people weren‰Ûªt sure what to make of it or how to use it. I saw this as an opportunity. I networked from within to make sure I had a seat at the right tables as policies were drafted and strategies were created. I let everyone know about my passion and expertise in social media and what I could do to help.  I created resources that served my colleagues and consulted where ever I could. I was also invited to speak on behalf of the organization on numerous occasions. Even though it meant an increased workload for me I was hooked.  

I didn‰Ûªt know about the technical term ‰ÛÏpersonal branding‰Û back then but that‰Ûªs exactly what I was doing. I became recognized within an organization of over 45,000 employees as one of their top social media experts. I was attracting several opportunities from within but my outside network started to hear about me too.  Within in 4 years of working for the City I was able to leverage skills, network and reputation to leave my job and build my social media training company Socially Active.  
Over the years, I experimented with a lot of different ideas of what I could do as a social media trainer. I learned what I liked to do and what I didn‰Ûªt want to do.  During the I refined my online personal branding strategy into an action plan to help others to brand themselves to get what they want. This is the same process that has had me travel as far as Dubai and Singapore simply because the right people were introduced to me through my brand online.
Whether you work for an organization or your work for yourself the one thing I‰Ûªve learned through my story is you need to brand yourself to serve well.  I‰Ûªve developed the superpower to help other people identify the experiences and skills that make them awesome and then tell that story through their brand and social activity online.  Your brand is constantly growing so it‰Ûªs exciting to know that my story is to be continued…
If you want to talk to me about what it takes to brand yourself for where you are and for what‰Ûªs next, book a free coaching preview call with me so we can talk about what makes you awesome. All Avanti Women will receive 25% off my coaching packages until May 15th 2017.

Who is your favourite superhero?
My favourite superhero is one of the most arrogant of them all. His name is Iron Man. So why do I appreciate Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark? People, especially women don‰Ûªt often own how awesome they are when it comes to stepping up to the plate and competing professionally. Iron Man is smart. He's talented. He takes risks. He's determined. He‰Ûªs not afraid to fail over and over again until he creates what he wants. He has no special mutant powers.  Through hard work and a great heart, he made himself a superhero. He also knows what makes him great. I admire his confidence in his ability to communicate how great he is at what he can do for others even though he is arrogant in his delivery.  I think most women need to channel their inner Iron Man in their personal brands online and in-person to communicate what they are good at without playing it down or apologizing for it. Confidence, without Iron Man‰Ûªs arrogance is super powerful on any woman, you just got to own it.

What are you most excited about?
I am so excited about the era that we live in. Specifically, how social media has levelled the playing field. It gives us access to people we've never had access to. It's gives us the opportunity to take what we have and share it with the world.  I get excited when I help people realize that they can leverage this exciting time to create the life they want.

How important have mentors been in your career?

Mentors are critical for success and have been game changing in my career. It is important to lean on their expertise, experience and wisdom because they‰Ûªve done it before. They can help you get there faster and help you avoid falling deeper into mistakes you‰Ûªve already made if you‰Ûªre willing to listen.  They're also great sounding boards so that you don't live inside your head.  I also have virtual mentors. Even though you may never have an actual conversation with them, you can study their success read their blogs watch the videos and learn from their books. You can learn from them and apply their teachings in your own life. Mentors of all varieties can help you stay focused and think bigger.
If you had one key ingredient to your recipe for success what would that include.
The one key ingredient for me has been having at least two accountability partners at any given time and connecting with them at regular, planned intervals. The ideal accountability partner is somebody who is going through the trenches at the same time you are you. They should also have similar, hopefully non-competing goals and most importantly is willing to keep you accountable to getting your stuff done!

If you want to talk to Cher about what it takes to brand yourself for where you are and for what‰Ûªs next, book a free coaching preview call with her so we can talk about what makes you awesome. All Avanti Women will receive 25% off my coaching packages until May 15th 2017.

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