Chanele McFarlane- February's Wonder Women

Posted by Avanti Women Feb 1, 2017

Chanele McFarlane

Founder of Do Well Dress Well


What‰Ûªs your Story? 

Exactly 1 year ago this month, I decided to press publish on my website to finally share my passion with the world. I was nervous, scared yet excited about where this new venture could take me. The content that I wrote over the next few months was well-received by readers all around the world and at that moment, I knew that I had a good business idea on my hands. I am so proud to be the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Do Well Dress Well, a platform for women who want to do well, dress well and make a statement. I not only write valuable blogposts in the areas of career advice, networking, professional development and dressing well but I consult with clients one-on-one to build their personal brand and personal style. I also run a networking event series called ideate networking, fun and intimate networking events in the Mississauga area for women looking to connect with ambitious, like-minded women.

What do you love most about the work that you do?

I have the opportunity to connect with some of the most hard-working and inspiration women all across the globe. I have loved that my business has allowed me to develop such great friendships both locally and internationally. Aside from this, I also love that my work allows me to play a small role in the success of these women. By helping them update their resumes, build their LinkedIn profiles and sharing style tips, I have been able to witness women land jobs, make valuable connections and find a personal style that makes them look and feel good.

What motivates you?

I‰Ûªm motivated by two things. First, the fact that I am in control of my own success. I know that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve and that always pushes me to keep going. Secondly, I can see that my business is making an impact on the women around me. I receive messages and emails all the time from women letting me know that they turn to my website every single day for inspiration. I can‰Ûªt help but be so humbled by this and knowing that I have an audience that relies on my content is all the motivation I need.

If you had to give one key ingredient to your recipe for success, what would that include?

Authenticity. I made the intentional choice to make myself the face of Do Well Dress Well as I knew that I needed to have a unique presence in order to stand out. This has allowed me to succeed because my audience can really relate to me. I don‰Ûªt try to be anyone but myself and I make sure that I share that through my blogposts, social media and in-person. On that note, I would also say that consistency is important because my audience always knows what to expect for me. I‰Ûªm consistently authentic and I‰Ûªm not afraid to share my personal thoughts. I often remind my audience why I started my business and why I‰Ûªm passionate about what I do.

What is your most valuable resource?

My most valuable resource is definitely LinkedIn. I am the biggest advocate for this platform because I have experienced first-hand the benefits of building an active presence (because it‰Ûªs not enough to simply be present). LinkedIn is great not only for making connections but for finding jobs and career opportunities. I‰Ûªm fortunate enough to have landed many of my jobs through LinkedIn and have also discovered public speaking opportunities.

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