Best 4 Budget Apps to Keep Your Finances on Track

Posted by Nikolina Kvesic Nov 6, 2019
The health of one’s finances depends on how well money is managed, rather than how much money is made. Budgeting can be tedious when you must manually input all expenses and income using pen and paper or even a spreadsheet on a computer.

With virtually everyone using their smartphone for everything in this day in age, managing finances on the go and keeping your finances on track can be much easier to accomplish. As an added benefit, most budgeting tools are available free of charge, so you don’t necessarily have to spend in order to get your finances in order.
The best budgeting apps work by making it as easy as possible to see where your money goes. Here are four that you should consider:

1. Mint: This app will allow you to connect your bank accounts, live tracking all withdrawals and deposits. It also provides a pie chart with an at-a-glance view of your weekly expenditures. With this app, you have the ability to pay bills directly, as well as enable notifications for upcoming payments or in the event that account balance falls below a certain threshold. It’s completely free and easy to connect with your bank account, credit cards, and bills. Bonus feature – the ability to check out your real-time credit score.

2. Spendee: This app is a good choice if you’re looking to easily track daily, weekly and monthly expenses while sticking to a budget. You can enter transactions by syncing to your online banking institution and credit cards or recording them manually. Bonus feature – you can enter in different currencies which is convenient for regular travelers.

3. Wally Budget App: If you hate manually inputting data, this is the app for you. Take a photo of your receipts and have the app do the rest. It’s straightforward, convenient and a good way to illustrate how you’re spending your money. It makes it easy to track expenses, scan receipts, create budgets and set goals. It’s also free.

4. Goodbudget: This app offers both free and paid plans. It works based on the envelope budgeting method and offers many benefits such as: being able to sync and share budgets between various devices and family members, save gradually for big expenses and pay down debt, planning and tracking spending. Bonus feature – It offers the Budget Bootcamp 101 course that will help you create a budget you can stick to!

There are so many budgeting apps available, making managing your money simple and convenient while taking the first step in improving your financial journey!

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Written by Nikolina Kvesic, Avanti Women Volunteer Blogger

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