Avanti Wonder Woman of the Month for October - Irene Spedaliere

Posted by Avanti Women Oct 11, 2018

A Remarkable Entrepreneur.

Irene is the founder of bodyFood Inc. - a true line of aromatherapy and pure essential oil based body care products.  The bodyFood line is made for everyday use, delivers an authentic aromatherapy treatment every time, and is designed to enhance and individuals desire to live a healthy, balanced, lifestyle.

Be inspired
I worked as a pharmacy technician, compounding chemotherapy treatments for patients.  During my time in the pharmaceutical industry, the skin patch as a delivery method, versus an IV drip, was becoming more prevalent.  This made me realize that what we put onto our skin affects the whole body. I became more aware of the toxic chemicals we were absorbing into our bodies on a daily basis.  Health has always been very important to me, so I started to make natural handmade soap using essential oils. I became a certified aromatherapist which enlightened me on the vast healing properties, and of the positive impact that essential oils have when incorporated into an individuals‰Ûª environment on a daily basis.  The advantage of using pure essential oils in your every day life is endless and the bodyFood line was created to make it simple

The cost and the rewards of being an entrepreneur
Truly the toughest part of being an entrepreneur is the financial aspect.  The difficulty in getting things off the ground as it is very, very expensive to start a business, especially from scratch and stay afloat. But the rewards outweigh the costs! I love the freedom to manage my time.  I enjoy being my own boss, meeting people and helping people to feel great every day. As they say… life is short and there is no promise of tomorrow!

Love your work
Every day I am surrounded by beautiful scents and people are always telling me that my products make such a huge difference in their lives.  I make it easy for people to achieve balance their lives and to be happy. It happens naturally when you are surrounded by bodyFood and essentially have a spa experience ever day!  Clients always tell me that their husbands and children keep using their products. 

Keep Growing and Learning
I am most excited about my new line of oral health care products… bodyFood Dental because it is truly making a difference for many people and is penetrating the dental world in a healthy, holistic, organic way.  This has never been done before… sure there are ‰ÛÏnatural‰Û toothpastes, but most of them contain glycerin which is a sweetener, and other chemicals that promote bacterial growth by leaving a residue on your teeth.  bodyFood dental is a 100% pure toothpaste replacement product which actually destroys the bacteria in your mouth that causes dental disease, bad breath and tooth sensitivity. It cleans like nothing else on the market!  The lemongrass mouthwash has helped so many people with gum issues… I truly believe that my dental products will be used by many and it will replace toothpaste for many people, simply because it prevents dental disease. 

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