Avanti Women's WonderWoman of May - Victoria Pelletier

Posted by Avanti Women May 17, 2018
What do you love most about the work that you do? 
There are several things: 1) I love leading a team; building such a formidable team of top performers, who are loyal to one another and that we call ourselves a work family and spend much of our free or social time together and 2) navigating complex and hairy challenges for the business and our clients; finding solutions to these challenges and never operating in "status quo" mode with a different challenge, action list or schedule daily. 
What did you learn early in your career/experience that has made the biggest difference?   

Not because this month is about networking, but rather because it's one of the greatest lessons I have learned - is the incredible value of relationships, of genuine, authentic relationships and the conversation and work that goes into developing these.  Additionally, that there is one single network,’ not two, not one for business and one for personal/social.  Lastly, never, ever burn a bridge (if you can help it)…you can never know the extent to which the desired "bridge" is connected to people you may need  in your network! 
How do you define success?   
Success is about achieving those things that are meaningful to you, the individual, not the standard definition that often tie to higher level of career, compensation and material possessions.  As I talk to my children, I often tell them (when they don't like some of my rules or guidance!), that my role as their mother is to ensure that they grow up to be happy, healthy and successful and that success is to be defined by THEM:  in a relationship (if they choose), enjoying how they spend their time,’ both at work and in their free time, and with enough money to DO the things that they want to; whether that be travel, socializing with friends, playing sports etc. 
What is the one thing you can't live without?   
Besides the obvious answers around my family and my health, I have a couple of things: my training gear/equipment, I am a crazy fitness fanatic and could not imagine being unable to work out and develop my physical strength and overall health and wellness.  Secondly, one could argue, contrary to the last item, is my smartphone!  I have been connected to a mobile device for over 20 years,’ originally given a pager and one of the first blackberries produced, by my employer, I have been extremely "connected" and am known for my lightning speed replies and social engagement; it, rightfully or wrongfully so, gives me great comfort to stay connected and on top of my work and personal life via a smartphone/device. 
If you had to give one key ingredient to your recipe for success, what would that include?  

That I am a fighter; I do NOT give up in the face of challenge or adversity.  I've been able to overcome time and time again, in the face of adversity, as a result of a couple of strategies:  1) recognizing that challenge and adversity is part of life;  focus on controlling those things that I CAN control and develop a strategy and plan, that I am in charge of, to reach my goals 2) asking for help, it's okay to admit when I've either made a mistake or I'm in a situation where "I don't know what I don't know"; this is when the value of the strong network and relationships become key; because I've fostered and built great relationships and given to others, so many are ready and waiting to assist when asking for help 

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