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Posted by Avanti Women Jan 8, 2019

Hello Avanti Women,

If you haven't met me yet, I am Dina Barazza, the founder of Avanti Women
Our mission as a collective group is to empower women to help them to move forward in their professional and personal development through networking mentoring and learning. The unique difference about AW is that we offer various topics for women who are at difference stages in their professional and personal life. 
This year we’ve selected a “wellness” theme in which each month we are address subtopics of wellness in areas such as : resilience, mind and mindfulness, body and fitness, non tradition wellness, mental health and nutrition.

We are excited to share with you content that fits these categories and know that with our useful webinars, blog articles, Harvard ManageMentor courses and our upcoming networking events, members are feeling empowered and learning and growing through our network. 

Avanti Women's Wonder Women of the Month Feature Stories

We believe in the power of sharing member stories and hope that others will learn from their experience.  This is what our Wonder Women of the month is all about. These stories highlight some of our incredible members who have overcome challenges or are experts in their fields, giving others an opportunities to learn about their personal and professional recipes for success. 
We use the term “wonder” when referring to these women because they too draw our admiration and desire to aspire to greatness. Our goal is providing an intimate conversation with these wonder woman, where they drive home a few key messages that are empowering, resourceful and authentic. You can connect with these women via our new Member Market Place, which we encourage you to publish your profile to.

Focus on Wellness in 2019

This year ahead we are striving to introduce you to new wonder women every month with our focus on Wellness. We sit with them and pick their brain on what inspires them and what tips and tricks they’ve learned along their professional and personal journey’s. I hope  if you feel inspired that you all join the member marketplace to connect directly with these wonder woman or that their monthly words of wisdom assists in empowering and motivating you on your path to success. 

Nominate a Member to be our Wonder Women

If you know someone who you consider has the recipe for success, garnishes admiration, professionally or personally, please nominate them and tell us why you consider them to be a  “Wonder.”
Please contact Info@avantiwmen.com if you’d like to nominate a wonder woman, or encourage a friend of colleague to become a member.

So visit our Member Marketplace to join our networking community. 
We look forward to elevating your experience this year with our exciting and inspirational Wonder Women of 2019. 
 Best Wishes to you all,


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