Avanti Women Wonder Woman for November - Rose Pallotto

Posted by Avanti Women Nov 8, 2018

Believe there is opportunity everywhere

My story is simple. 
I am the third of four girls born into a first-generation Catholic Italian family. I learned very early the meaning of respect and discipline. Always striving to catch up to my older sisters, I feel I raced through my childhood. My goal was to get to the next phase and fast. I was never afraid to try new things and always the first to volunteer.

I began my career in the Financial Industry immediately following University. The excitement of working downtown Toronto in my early twenties made my daily commute from Mississauga worthwhile. Being surrounded by many professionals gave me an appreciation for the value of money and the richness of life it presented. Unlike my earlier beliefs of the ugliness money depicted, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the possibilities it symbolized. I saw it as a source of energy, positive energy that could change the world. This is when my direction changed. I wanted to share this wealth and show others not to be afraid of what was possible.   

My mission today is to impact the lives of others by providing options that liberate them financially. From my experience, especially when working with women and finances, they tend to shy away from the subject. 
Even in my house as a child, it was not spoken. Money was a private thing and to speak of that was looked upon as being evil and an element of greed. I don't believe that to be the truth. 
When a woman embraces money and all the good it can do, it empowers them to do more. It gives them a sense of worth and a vehicle to go after what is truly important to them. This is what drives me. Opening up that dialogue and removing those blocks. 
As I noted earlier, money is a form of energy. An energy when captured properly, can change the world. 

Ask yourself these questions;
What do I value the most in life? 
How do I prioritize what is most important?  
How important have mentors been in my career? 

If not for my mentors, I would not be where I am today. Mentorship builds an individual to meet them where they truly are, even though they themselves cannot see it. 
If I could give advice to my 20 year old self, what would you say? 
Do all things with love. 
I think Jean Vanier said it best,

"To reveal someone's beauty is to reveal their value by giving them time, attention, and tenderness. To love is not just to do something for them but to reveal to them their own uniqueness, to tell them that they are special and worthy of attention." 

- Jean Vanier, Becoming Human

Rose Pallotto Bio
With a notable career with one of the biggest banks in Canada, I have developed expertise in areas of income and expense management, relationship building, team leadership, and strong entrepreneurial mindset. I pride myself in my extensive financial knowledge and providing the tools required to educate and inspire others.
My primary focus is working with entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners looking to build, maintain and preserve wealth. After having worked with major Financial Institution I decided it was time to truly provide options for everyday people. Options that help to create leverage and buy back personal time. I am excited about my new-found mission which provides opportunities to create residual income through essential home & business services. I champion the cause through a series of education-based activities, empowering others into making decision based on their needs alone. My passion is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and lead them to greatness. Regardless of this difficult economy, I truly believe there is opportunity everywhere. 

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