Avanti Women Wonder Woman for June - Lisa Mitchell

Posted by Avanti Women Jun 12, 2018

About Lisa

Lisa believes the employee experience drives the customer experience – and that a strong employee experience is cultivated through mindfully-built practices around attraction, recruitment, onboarding, and people development. 

Lisa honed her skills in progressively senior HR and Organizational Development roles in large Canadian and Global companies.  Her industry experience covers contact centres, outsourcing, finance, retail, and senior’s housing (a blend of healthcare and hospitality). In her last corporate role, Lisa was VP, Talent Management of a large Canadian organization with over 13,000 employees.

Learn more about Lisa:

1.What do you love most about the work you do?   
I love the connection with my clients - whether  it's 1:1 with my coaching or consulting clients, or when facilitating with groups of leaders.  I also enjoy getting to see people connect the dots and learn new things, or commit to meaningful new actions that will move them powerfully forward.   Witnessing these types of a-ha moments bring me great joy and satisfaction!
2. What motivates you?  
Reading something interesting - a business book, a novel, and article, a decor magazine - anything that taps into my curiosity and inspires me.  
3. What is your favourite book? 
Impossible to answer!  (see above answer for a clue as to why)
4. What is your most valuable resource? 
My friends and family - they ground me when my drive and speed start to get away on me.
5. If you could give advice to your 20-year old self, what would you say? 
Don't put so much stock in what other people think, or what you think they think! Trust yourself, Lisa.   
 Visit her website at www.greenappleconsulting.ca  

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