Avanti Women Learning Co-ordinator Job Description

Posted by Avanti Women Aug 1, 2017

Learning Co-ordinator

Reports To: Dina Barazza | Department: Core Management

Position Summary

The purpose or objective of the role:

The primary objective of the Learning Co-ordinator is to communicate and collaborate with regions, core management and founder to make learning available to our members and volunteers.  You will bring forward ideas to set up on line workshops, work with guest speakers to create learning objectives and fun titles to promote our workshops and provide support pre-during and post workshops.  In this role, you will oversee and manage the annual learning calendar and the initiatives we have under our LEARN offering.

Essential Duties / Responsibilities:  

The key responsibilities, accountabilities, and objectives of the position.   Include the percentage of time dedicated to each and list in descending order.  Include all working relationships.

夠 Co-ordinate and communicate the various LEARN Programs and Initiatives with Avanti Women Offering

o   Key organizational initiatives:

夠 increase membership

夠 gather resources for content strategy

夠 be a brand ambassador

夠 empower women

夠 develop self & others

夠 make a profit

o   Key programs & initiatives include:

1.      Harvard Online Publishing (HMM)- 5%

åá       Develop reports and bring forward suggestions to promote and improve learner experience

åá       Manage, administer and report on the Harvard Business Publishing online course requests/inquiries ‰ÛÒ send out list of courses, email inquiries, send out and manage links and learning tokens

åá       Update and share course selection and bundles

åá       Create sales and marketing strategy

åá       Manage reporting and budget

2.      LEARN Workshops: 40%

a)      In person learning workshops ‰ÛÒ Corporate Riverside Retreat

o   Create ads, promote and manage requests

o   Confirm guest speaker and member needs

o   On site for registration and communication

b)      On line Learning Workshops ‰ÛÒ Corporate ‰ÛÒ GotoMeeting - twice monthly

o   Develop Bundle Learning Plan & Pricing with founder

o   Create ads, promote and manage requests

o   Manage ‰ÛÏgo to meeting‰Û application pre-during-post

3.      Learning Calendar Management & Scheduling ‰ÛÒ 15%

åá       Work with guest speakers to create learning objectives and workshop titles

åá       Develop mini marketing ad for regions and corporate events

åá       Create reports and bring forward recommendations

åá       Manage the process for online webinars and all regional and corporate events

åá       Manage the Go to Meeting account and set up webinars

åá       Co facilitate (introduction and close) to all webinars (1 hour) ‰ÛÒ usually held at times:  12 pm noon and evenings (maybe a weekend) and typically the workshop is 45 mins.

o   Goal is to have 2 webinars a month

4.      Guest Speaker/s ‰ÛÒ 10%

åá       Develop and manage database, pull reports

åá       Create and review evaluations

åá       Conduct survey (engagement)

åá       Find ways to support and reward ‰ÛÒ administer tokens and send TY notes

åá       Create job aids and participant guides

5.      Avanti Women Academy ‰ÛÒ 15%

åá       Determine mandate, learning framework & curriculum

åá       Manage Onboarding for two paths:

o   Volunteer Learning Path

夠 Work with instructional designer to create volunteer onboarding via e-learning modules

åá       Includes; brand, programs and history

åá       Mandatory/ legislative training

åá       Development

夠 Work with instructional designer to create scripts and videos

夠 Set up and manage career paths

o   Set and promote Member Learning Paths

夠 Starting your Career

åá       Students

夠 Transition

åá       Bored in my job, thinking of starting a business, out of work, Return from mat leave, Immigrant women

夠 Accelerating your Career

åá       Entrepreneurs, career ladder 

åá       Manage LMS -  5%

o   Manage as communication tool/integrate with Google/moodle

o   Pull reports and assign learning paths

o   Assign mandatory learning

åá       Consider partner revenue streams

o   Seek partnerships or sponsorships to promote e-learning courses

åá       Create and maintain detailed tracking reports and budget

åá       Back up for instructional designer

o   Design scripts and develop e-learning modules and videos for members & volunteers

6.      Administration ‰ÛÒ 10%

åá       Create and manage work plans towards key deliverables

åá       Be an advocate for the organization and bring your thought leadership and forward thinking

åá       Update Founder on key projects as defined

åá       Provide updates during weekly meetings with Founder

åá       Monthly meetings with Marketing & Regions

åá       Monthly meetings with Rewards & Recognition

åá       Partner and collaborate on key initiatives with Communications and Marketing

åá       Set up team meetings as required and participate in quarterly core management team meetings

åá       Participate at networking events and learning workshops

åá       Support AW data collection with documenting & sourcing; speakers and facilitators, competitive analysis, resources and event venues

åá       Consistently challenge yourself and be forward thinking, I welcome new ways and better ways of doing things

åá       Other duties as assigned

åá       Inform Advisory Council & Core Management abreast of project status

o   Participate in work plans and ideas

o   Align tokens to learning prices

o   Manage and communicate tokens

åá       Advisory Council

o   Participate at meeting

o   Take minutes

åá       Communicate & Collaborate with regions on networking events and marketing to update social media and bloggers

åá       Additional project work with managing corporate events and planning.

Health and Safety

夠 Ensure that all volunteers work in a safe manner

夠 Advise volunteers or members of any potential or actual danger to the health or safety


The skills and knowledge required to successfully perform the essential duties of the position.

夠 Must be able to effectively and professionally interact with guest speakers, volunteers, sponsors, core management, advisory council and members at all levels 

夠 Excellent oral/written and interpersonal communication skills

夠 Project management and organization skills are a must

夠 Computer Requirements: LMS, word, excel, outlook, and PowerPoint eg. Google docs

夠 Experience with Instructional Design and authoring tools is a preferred

夠 Ability to multi-task oriented and prioritize

夠 Excellent problem solving and creativity skills

夠 Ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy

夠 Strong listening and communication skills

夠 Experience with instruction design, digital media, webinars and collaboration tools (working knowledge of LMS is an asset)

Education and or Experience Required 

The prerequisite job related qualifications for this position; education, technical background, industry experience, managerial experience, administrative requirements, etc.

夠 Minimum 2 years‰Ûª experience within a Project Management Role

夠 Minimum 2 years working with LMS, reporting, analytics, web conference and authoring tools

夠 Minimum 2 years‰Ûª experience in human resources, learning, development or organizational design

夠 CHRP, CTP or PMP is an asset

夠 Digital media, events and marketing background is an asset

夠 Knowledge/exposure to running a member or volunteer organization is an asset

Nature and Scope of Position 

Environment: The physical requirements, hazardous substances, specific equipment hazards etc. that accompany the position

夠 Working from home prolonged computer use

夠 Onsite with events may require extra caution

Core Competencies

Critical job specific behaviours required to achieve the essential duties and responsibilities.  Encompasses the key dimensions of an overall competency model that collectively distinguishes superior from than less than superior job performance.

夠 Learning Foundations eg. Adult learning principles, ADDIE, evaluation levels

夠 Learning Management Systems eg. Set up, reporting and assignment pathing

夠 Ability to work independently, take initiative and make decisions

夠 Excellent oral/written and interpersonal communication skills

夠 Computer Requirements: conference tools, word, excel and PowerPoint

夠 Collaborative, Problem Solving and ability to suggest options and alternatives

夠 Multi-task and goal oriented

Avanti Women Values - Values which are critical to our success as an organization

Smart women

夠 We partner with the best in our industry to enhance  our membership

夠 We invest in our volunteers and our members

Collaboration with Transparency

夠 We connect positively and pride ourselves in our honest approach

Authentic Leaders

夠 We embrace diversity, we take accountability and we are passionate about inspiring our volunteers and members

Learning Focused

夠 We are dedicated to your professional & personal development and celebrate success together

Communities of Practice

夠 We are committed to building our GTA members to network, mentor and learn together

- Please submit your resume to recruiting@avantiwomen.com by Monday, August 7, 2017 - 5:00PM

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