Alosha Paranavithana: Mentee Spotlight

Posted by Avanti Women Jul 31, 2015

Like many university graduates, I struggled to break into the job market and needed guidance on how to effectively network and position myself during job interviews. I decided to look for a Mentor who would help me create a development plan to achieve my goals. I reviewed several mentorship programs and chose Avanti Women's program because I would be matched to my Mentor based on goals, interests, values and industry. This inevitably allowed me to make a genuine connection with my Mentor as it was based on mutually understanding.

Avanti Women's program is well thought-out and held me accountable. By using their RSB Goal setting model, I was able to successfully create a development plan with my Mentor. The assessments that came with the program helped me identify my communication style. My Mentor also helped me develop essential skills needed in the working world such as leadership, managing people, communication and other professional skills.

The program helped me figure out that in order to achieve my goals, I needed to complete my HR certification. As an HR student now working towards my CHRP, the mentorship program offered through Avanti Women has given me a gift. A gift of value that I utilize and will benefit from throughout my career journey. My mentor provided guidance and helped me develop the crucial skills needed in the working environment, which are not always taught in the classroom. I learned a lot from this mentorship program and will be using my new skills to grow professional and personally. 

- Alosha Paranavithana, Student at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

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