A Dream to Reality Journey: A Message from Dina Barazza, Founder

Posted by Avanti Women Jun 29, 2015
Hello and welcome to our July e-Newsletter!

Allow me to first begin by thanking the friends and family who made Avanti Women possible.

It takes a mindset to trail blaze and put forward the energy and focus to make things happen. That continuous support and those encouraging words, motivated and inspired me to make my dream, a reality...

Avanti Women was always inside of me. I knew I had something BIG and that it would take time to develop. Through years of asking questions, what do I want this company to be, how can we make it resourceful, what do women really need and after years of asking questions, sharing my vision, and conducting more research, Avanti Women has transpired.

And here we are today, talking about it. My message to everyone, is to have a dream and dream big. When people say you can‰Ûªt do that, reconsider the relationship. I surround myself with people who are positive and think in possibilities.

To be successful, means to define what the goal is first. Once you have a plan, stick to the plan, that way you have something to say you did it or tried, and it creates a benchmark, so you know what to do the next time. Success comes with failure and the sooner you can accept failure the faster you will be successful.

What I discovered through networking, mentoring and learning was something that worked for me and now I wish to share my success with the women of  GTA and leverage other women who can offer the same.

Without networking, mentoring and ongoing learning, my dream to reality with Avanti Women would have been just a dream! What‰Ûªs stopping you?

Share your dream to reality success story, email me at dina@avantiwomen.com.

Kind wishes,

Dina Barazza

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