5 Tips to Self Love - Live Your Fullest Life

Posted by Nira Lall Mar 5, 2019

Living and Loving Well - Tips to Live Your Fullest Life 

By Nira Lall, Self-love & Intimacy Coach for Women
What sets off the voice of self-criticism or personal judgement in your mind? For many (including myself!), it can be as simple as scrolling through the seemingly “picture perfect” lives on social media or as complex as being passed over for that promotion at work, not making your financial goals a reality or attending a family gathering where comparison triggers abound. Nothing sets off anxiety and stress faster than the inner critic.
The antidote to this? Self-love. It may sound cliché, but keep reading to find out why your quality of life depends on consistent self-love practices and how you can finally put your inner critic to rest. 
Here are some ideas to get your started on building your own self-love practices:

Tip 1 Dare to be authentic. 

In an effort to be liked and accepted, most of us have learned to only show parts of ourselves to the people around us. This takes so much energy. Bring that playful, serious, adventurous, gutsy, humorous, loud, soft (and so on) side forward. Let yourself be seen and felt. You deserve this freedom and life it too short not to have it.

Tip 2 Get grounded.  

Most of us wake up and hit the ground running. Take at least 5 min every morning to stop, close your eyes, breathe deeply and be in your body. Feel the way your clothes feel on your body, the way your hair feels on your head, and the weight of your body in your feet. We are so busy thinking and doing, that we bypass the vital wisdom of the body. As you create time and space to connect with your body it (instead of the inner critic) will lovingly lead you.

Tip 3 Reduce time on your devices. 

Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning. Mobile devices are full of stress triggers and mind numbing scrolling. When you look at the phone, laptop or tablet you get distracted with things that are typically not urgent (but feel urgent because the barrage of requests and notifications can be overwhelming). Lovingly create time in the morning and evening that is device free. The blue light from devices also reduces melatonin production, which can cause difficulty with sleep.

Tip 4 In-person social connection. 

Human beings are social creatures. We thrive when we connect with other people. Sitting behind a screen and dropping a like or emoji on a social post, just isn’t the kind of social connection that humans need.

Tip 5 What would feel so incredibly loving to you? 

Go and do that. It doesn’t have to be complex, but always keep the door open to indulging in nourishing activities that fill you up with life and energy.
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4 Reasons why we can’t live well without self-love:

1.       Self-love activities can improve your mood. One of the primary reasons for this is that 55% of the body’s communication with the subconscious mind is physical. So when you do an activity that engages you physically in an uplifting way, the subconscious instantly responds with an elevation in mood. In short, when you’re feeling low, get up and move your body. The results will be instant.
2.       Fill your cup first. It will fuel you for the rest of your day and guard against the inner critic taking over if a difficult situation should arise. If you take a few moments in the morning to read, journal, enjoy your shower, exercise or engage in anything that brings you pleasure, you are essentially setting the tone for the day on a high note. If you wake up tired and are catching up with your day from the get-go, then there won’t be much energy to sustain you for the inevitable ups and downs that the day will bring.

3.       Challenges negative aspects of your personal story. When you take time out to consistently tend to your needs, you begin to cultivate a gentleness toward yourself. By offering self-love and compassion to yourself, you will begin to naturally replace the self-criticizing ideas you’ve held in the past with positive ones.

4.       Decreases stress. When we are stressed, the body goes into the fight, flight or freeze response. When this happens a very old part of our brain is activated and the body thinks it’s in danger, causing stress hormones to excrete resulting in changes in our breathing, heart rate and bodily functions. This is okay when there is a real life-threatening emergency, but most people are responding this way to everyday stressors. Self-love activities promote mindfulness of the self, which in turn reduces the frequency of stress response activation.

The key is to be consistent with regular self-love activities. When you only do it once in a while, you’re practicing what I call “hit and run connection.” That’s how your subconscious mind learns that it can’t count on you and the inner critic thrives on this kind of self-sabotage. Also, we set the bar on how we expect to be treated by how we treat ourselves. Get ahead of all this by making self-love easy and accessible so that you can do something every day to cultivate personal care and compassion. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do for your quality of life.

About the Author

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Nira is a Self-love and Intimacy Coach for women. She uses deeply healing methodologies, leading edge coaching tools and the wisdom of ancient mysteries to help women thrive in all matters of the heart.

Her journey consists of an extensive formal education and experience starting including Master Practitioner certifications in Coaching Certification, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. She is also trained in New Decision Therapy, psychotherapy, energy therapies and group facilitation
Along with all this, it’s the real life human journey through laughter, tears, fear, and ultimately awakening into her deepest personal power that Nira draws from. She believes and has seen first hand that each woman is a powerful conduit for manifesting anything into her life with the right focus, attention and healing. 

It’s Nira’s mission to help women reclaim their fullest potential when it comes to love and life.

Nira has been a featured guest on a number of talk shows and media outlets including Hay House Radio and Rogers TV. In her spare time, Nira can be found traveling to ancient sites around the world or breaking out into spontaneous song and dance!
IG: @niralall
FB: facebok.com/niralall

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