5 Reasons Why You Need A Vision Board

Posted by Lisa Petsinis Jan 4, 2019
Don’t pass up this opportunity to realize your aspirations! 

In doing my own vision boards, and leading vision board workshops, I’ve learned that it’s more than gluing pictures onto a board. It’s about reflecting on what you want, letting go of what’s in the way, designing a vision that calls to you, and then putting in place habits that will ensure the likelihood of your success.

5 Reasons to Make a Vision Board:

1.       You’re living someone else’s dreams instead of your own.
If you are doing a job you don’t love or ended up in a career by chance, or because of parental expectations, you’re not living your dreams. Stop the chatter of others’ expectations of you and give yourself permission to explore what is right for you. You’ll never be truly happy until you live the life meant for you.

2.       You’ve lost yourself in your commitments to others.
Sometimes when you become a parent or become part of a couple, or when you simply get caught up in the busyness of life, you stop caring for yourself. If you are no longer doing things you used to do – things that bring you joy – you need to put a priority on yourself again. Reconnect with what matters to you – your strengths, values, passions – and allow yourself some time to daydream.
When you create a vision board, you lead with your heart and intuition.  You select images and words that speak to you and draw you in. You're no longer lost; you're found.

3.       You’re going through a life transition.
If you’ve recently lost your job, gotten married, had a child, returned to the workplace, broken up with a partner, recovered from illness, or entered midlife or retirement, this is a great time to make a vision board.
Change is inevitable. Sometimes it means that you need to experience the doldrums. And as confusing as this can be, going through a life change presents you with an excellent opportunity to do some reflection on your life and get re-energized for the next phase of your journey. The caterpillar is free to become a butterfly.

4.       You know there is something more for you in life.
The best way to figure out your purpose is to reconnect with yourself and your strengths, values, and passions. Figure out when you’ve felt the most in alignment, confident and fulfilled. Then, make a pact with yourself to enrich your life with more of what energizes you.
When you make a vision board, you can stand back and look at the richness of it, and your purpose will become more evident; it screams out a message to you. In my workshops, participants are eager to get each other’s perspective on what the board is saying, and it's one of the illuminating parts of the experience.

5.       You’re tired of the lack of results.
You’ve tried other self-help programs without success. Either you are taking the wrong approach, or something is holding you back. Remove the blockages at last, and achieve your goals. Open yourself up to the possibilities that the vision board self-discovery will bring. The fact is, visualization works.

If you’re ready to live an authentic life, find your purpose, navigate a transition with hope, and just plain get what you want out of life, now is the time to create a vision board. You’ll be amazed how fun, inspiring and powerful the process can be. Every decision you make about your future after that will be through the lens of your vision board, and you’ll finally live in the abundance you deserve.

Be the Best Version of You

It will change your life.

You bring into your life what you imagine. And when you’re depleted, unfocused, or unclear about what you want, you get more of the same.

What if your life could be different?

What if you could move from depleted to energized, scattered to focused, uncertain to clear, unsatisfied to fulfilled?

Making a vision board can help you create the outcomes you want in all areas of your life. In doing my own vision boards, and leading vision board workshops, I’ve learned that it’s more than gluing pictures onto a board. It’s about reflecting on what you want, letting go of what’s in the way, designing a vision that calls to you, and then putting in place habits that will ensure the likelihood of your success.

And, yes, you walk away with your very own piece of art; a visual manifestation of your ideal life!

Why it works

Many successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, and Jim Carrey all swear by vision boards. Of course, they all worked hard for the success they’ve achieved, but they also used the power of intention. They envisioned the life they wanted, purposefully engaged with their vision boards, and adopted positive energy practices to keep their dreams in constant focus.

Talk to people about the Law of Attraction and you will find many who will tell you how they used it to manifest their dream house, partner, job – and life. It’s not quite as simple as fantasizing about your lottery numbers, but visualization does work.

It’s no accident that Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Phelps, and Mohammad Ali performed so well.  They all used visualization before every event.  Jack Nicklaus is widely known to have said: “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head.”

The same visualization techniques used in sports psychology apply here as well.  When you have a clear picture of what you want to do, be, have in your life, and how you want to feel, you’re much more likely to take actions that are in alignment and bring in more of what brings you joy. The words on your vision board act as affirmations, too. Your subconscious will be regularly receiving positive messages that will spur you on.

Part of the magic is believing that you can have the life you want; that you’re worth it.  It all starts with positive thoughts, leading to positive beliefs, leading to positive actions. Then, when you let the universe take care of the rest, you’ll see how it can bring you what you’re asking for and make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Written by Lisa Petsinis 

Lisa Petsinis is a career and life coach who works with resourceful individuals who want to get the most out of their lives. Visit her website to learn about her  signature programs and services and  Your Life By Design Vision Board Workshop. You can also contact Lisa for a breakthrough coaching call, or sign up for her newsletter for even more advice.

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