4 tips to Rejuvenate your Relationship with Yourself

Posted by Avanti Women Feb 3, 2016

        4 tips to Rejuvenate your Relationship with Yourself

Many holidays inevitably place emphasis to be put on your relationship with others. Mother‰Ûªs Day and Father‰Ûªs Day focus on the parent child relationship, Christmas tends to be about family and friends, and in this month of February Valentine‰Ûªs Day becomes about couples. While all this is fun and should be celebrated the one relationship that tends to get lost is the one you have with yourself. Most associate spending time with yourself to be equivalent with loneliness. In fact loneliness and solitude are two different things that are often incorrectly thought to be synonymous and thus solitude has inherited a negative connotation. Many psychologists have actually found that seeking solitude can provide multiple benefits for people, so here‰Ûªs a few reasons why you may want to take some time out for yourself;

1 ‰ÛÒ Studies show that solitude helps with cognitive function as it helps you improve concentration and productivity.  A little time away from everything gives you time to organize your thoughts and this in the long run helps you process and plan of action more efficiently. Who doesn‰Ûªt want to get more done?

2 ‰ÛÒ Helps you figure out who you are and what you want. Solitude doesn‰Ûªt need to be you sitting in a corner by yourself. It just needs to be a conscious effort to somehow put the focus only on you. Take a vacation alone, try a new hobby with people you don‰Ûªt know ‰ÛÒ the point is to eliminate outside pressures and do as you please so to get a better understanding of you. This leads to #3 on our list.

3- Psychologists have found those who take time for their selves are more satisfied with their relationships. In studies about social media they have found many feel the pressure of missing out and tend to partake in spending time with others due to pressure and then feel out of it. Those who recharge tend to be able to put more in and usually get more out of their relationships consequently.

4 ‰ÛÒ Here‰Ûªs another one that may surprise you. Many think that brainstorming works best with others, however multiple studies have found you are most creative when you‰Ûªre working alone without pressure and then bring your ideas forward in the group. Solo thinking just may help you come up with your best idea yet!

These are just a few of the reasons why taking some time out for yourself can strengthen you as an individual. In a world where networking and building relationships is key ‰ÛÒ it‰Ûªs okay to once in a while be selfish and focus on yourself. Stop feeling guilty, frankly it‰Ûªs for your and others benefit!

Gurmeen Jhutty

Avanti Women Blog Contributor 

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