2018 Women of the Month Retrospective

Posted by Kelly L. Dec 12, 2018

Message from Dina Bazzara, CEO Avanti Women

Join me in looking back at a year of wonderful women who we were able to feature on our blog this past year.  We feel inspired by our members and love sharing their stories with other members.  Regardless of title or stage, these are Wonderful Women that have moved forward with their passions and goals.  
We will continue to focus on empowering women to move forward in their personal and professional development through networking, mentoring and learning in 2019.  Stay tuned for more Wonder Women of the Month stories. 
In case you missed their stories here they all are for you too.

2018 Avanti Wonder Women 

of the Month Retrospective

If you are interested in nominating a members story send us an email at info@avantiwomen.com

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