Who We Are

We are about empowering women to develop themselves professionally and personally. We represent women at the various stages of life and bring networking and learning to the community in which you live and work.

As a member of Avanti Women you will have access to our three core services:

  • 1 We host and organize networking events for women to connect and network.
  • 2 We provide women the gift of giving back and bridge inspiring women to collaborate and mentor together.
  • 3 We offer the opportunity to cultivate and learn via online learning through Harvard Business Publishing and attend in-person workshops in the community in which you live and work.

What We Do

Avanti Women’s vision is to empower women to move forward professionally and personally. That is why we have made the membership gratis (that’s right - complimentary) and you only pay for the services you want.

Our mission is to empower women to move forward in their professional and personal development through networking, mentoring and learning.

Our pay as you go service format is flexible and provides resources for women who are determined to move ahead!

The unique difference about Avanti Women is that is offers various topics for women who are at different stages in their professional and personal life. You may choose one or select them all. Our three core services include:

Connect and Network
We host and organize networking events for women that promote meeting and learning from other great women within your industry.
Collaborate and Mentor
Through our customized one-on-one mentoring program.
Cultivate and Learn
Personal and professional learning via online and/or in-person.

Become a member and register for free to apply the recipe of success for YOU, today!

Our Team

Dina Barazza

(416) 817-3347
(416) 817-3347

Dina Barazza is the founder of Avanti Women, a membership based association that empowers women to move forward professionally and personally in their development through networking events, mentoring programs and virtual soft skills training workshops. She is also the founder of The Talent Consortium, a consulting practice specializing in human resources. Mrs. Barazza brings creative human resources and learning solutions to enhance people, process and performance. She is an energetic, results-orientated and strategic in her approach with more than 20 years experience in organizational effectiveness, learning, education, sales and marketing and human resources. She is exceptional facilitator who engages her participants in understanding key concepts and applying them in a work and team environment.

Dina’s academic background includes a degree in Business Management, a diploma in Human Resources Administration and a certificate in Training and Development. She is certified as an Achieve Global Trainer and graduated from the Disney Institute with Business and Management Effectiveness. She has held various Board positions with the AMA – American Marketing Association, Toronto Chapter as their VP of Talent and currently is a Board Member with the Canadian Community of Corporate Educators and The Coalition for Persons with Disabilities.

Fun Facts

In her spare time, Dina is a Canadian Cancer volunteer where she dedicates her time canvassing communities since 1998 and fosters homeless dogs.

Alison White

Advisory Council - Sales and Master Mentor

Coming soon!

Krista Carson

Advisory Council - Human Resources

Coming soon!

Sandy Watt

Advisory Council - Community Partnerships and Corporate Sponsorships

coming soon!

Kate Atkinson

Advisory Council - Governance

Coming soon

Maria Greaves

Advisory Council - Volunteers

coming soon

Jia Hui Yan

Core Management- Marketing & Social Media

Jia lives by the words “the time will pass anyway, so might as well do something worthwhile”.  Coming from an MBA and BA Psychology background, she hustles as a management consultant by profession and dedicates a portion of her time to a health care services provider as an executive board member.  Jia is passionate about women in leadership and empowerment, she believes in giving back and paving it forward as much as she can.  Feel free to reach out to her if you would like to chat about: travel, fitness, luxury fashion industry, financial services industry, mentorship, or philosophy.

Fun Facts

  • Jia loves to eat spicy food and she has yet to eat something that is too spicy for her!

Trisha Richards

Communications - Blogger

coming soon

Nikolina Kvesic


coming soon!

Christine Lauzon

Director - Mentorship

coming soon

Guerlain Gill

HR Specialist

coming soon

Suesie Love

Learning Resource

Suesie Love spent 15years as a trainer at a marketing company providing technical training for many different CPG clients.  Supported by a great technical division, she learned many skills including the ability to quickly understand software, master basic skills and document the learning.  Suesie is a process person who thinks like a project manager!

A lifelong learner Suesie Loves the energy of a new launch, and start ups.  She pairs new information with patterns from previous experience to learn something new everyday.  Recently Suesie used her skills to create processes and documentation for a local food bank, training volunteers so the administrative function of the food bank could run smoothly while volunteers concentrated on assisting clients.  She also runs a Women’s Group at the food bank, creating community and support for a vulnerable population.  “That’s why I am so attracted to Avanti Women and the energy of the volunteers to support women and provide resources.”

Fun Fact

Suesie became a gym rat later in life, inspired by her athletic daughters and husband, and loves the outdoors.  When inside, she loves to knit!

Cassandra Gilchrist

Human Resources

coming soon

Francine Marcelli

Regional Manager - Durham

Coming soon!

Michelle Forester

Regional Manager - York

Coming soon!

Armin Sethi

Regional Manager: Peel
(647) 965-7760
(647) 965-7760

Sethi is a Barrister and Solicitor, currently working as an Assistant Crown Attorney for the Province of Ontario. She also tries on her creative side on a bi-monthly basis as the Editor-in-Chief of Bollywood Film-Fame Canada magazine. In her role with the magazine,she interviews Bollywood celebrities and reviews some of the latest films. In her spare time, she teaches dance, coaches soccer, spends time with family and friends, and plays sports. Sethi’s goal is to ensure women progress in a way that makes them happy.

Agatha Wisniowska

Regional Manager - Toronto

Coming soon!


Today, we are in following Communities in the GTA:

  • Toronto
  • Durham
  • York
  • Halton
  • Peel

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